Have you ever had a moment where it seems that your brain is taken over and you just cannot stop from thinking about all the things in your head?

That’s me tonight. I finally gave up trying to sleep, and decided to write. This evening I was thinking how awesome my boys are and how although I homeschool I’m going to add homemaking and car mechanics to the list of things to learn. Then I jumped to all the undone projects around my house and just what I need to get them done.

Then I thought that kind of surprised me. I was thinking of how satisfied I was with my life. And how I am so happy that God sent His Son for me. I grateful I am that He loves me and all those bad thoughts and the “worldly” me that used to be is gone.

I used to go from place to place, searching , seeking for something that would make me happy. I never thought of myself as much of a traditionalist but I find myself satisfied to have a clean kitchen and bake. To homeschool my boys. To work as a missionary and not have what I used to have.

How Great is Our God? He is greater than anything in this world. And He delivers us from evil and He delivers us from ourselves even.

I encourage everyone to really look at their life. Are you satisfied? Do you have the feeling that you are in God’s will and doing God’s work? Whether that be, washing dishes and taking care of babies or working at a job, or volunteering somewhere. Or like me, serving God as much as I can, taking care of my boys in the very truest sense, and finding satisfaction the only way I possibly can, through obedience to God.

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

What hope we have in Him!

I am unlovable me. God Loves me anyway….

I have had to deal with feeling unloved and unworthy and forgotten. I’m not sure who else has felt that way, but I definitely have. But God says, I love you, not who you will be, but just as you are.
God wants to heal us of everything, every bad thought, every bad intention, every hurt, and every tear. He is the true healer and wants to heal us of all the world’s lies. The lies that say we are the unlovable, the miserable, the angry, the forgotten, the abandoned. There is one true God and He will never abandon us. He will never forget us. He will never leave us. To be healed, we must open up all the rusted doors to our hearts and soul, and let the light of Christ shine in and heal and make the darkness, the lies, and the hurt flee. God’s light is the only light in the darkness. When we speak HIS name, HIS words, HIS promises into our life and take action, the darkness has to flee, mountains have to move, and the our hurts are healed. Praise the Everlasting Lord for His TRUTH!
This song definitely goes with this post: Who Will Love Me For ME?

It’s a Madhouse, Folks!

Today has been a very trying day! I got up late, knocked over this cute pinterest project of a jewelry frame off of my wall and into……my sink. Ta da!! Welcome to the madhouse, folks! That was just the very beginning of this very eventful day.

And I could dwell on the printer malfunctions, computer blowups, school not getting done and of course the most important thing, we ran out of COFFEE!!! But I choose to dwell on the fact that Jesus loves me. That tomorrow will come and this pileup of little details will simply fade away into the background. But what  I will take with me is how I reacted to said craziness.

To be honest, I could have dealt with it better. I was constantly smiling, blow up, smiling, blow up, singing, smiling, blow up! Ugh, not the way to show my maturity in Christ. God reminds me that HE is the King and HE is in everything. And was I acting the way HE, the King of Kings, Our Creator meant for me to  handle it? Probably not. I do think I handled it better than I have handled things in the past, but as for today, I’m still realizing and working on the fact that feelings, are in fact, just feelings. And as Christians, as MOMS, as women, we have to learn to deal with our feelings and set them aside in times like these.

I should have said a little prayer, which I did, by the way, many times, I also put it out on Facebook that I needed others, my warrior girls to say a little prayer for me too! And I did start to feel better. I think sometimes we just have to walk away from the pressure, the craziness and spend 5 minutes in a secret place worshipping and loving and seeking guidance from the One True God. Then HE will guide us and our behavior, IF we let HIM.