I am unlovable me. God Loves me anyway….

I have had to deal with feeling unloved and unworthy and forgotten. I’m not sure who else has felt that way, but I definitely have. But God says, I love you, not who you will be, but just as you are.
God wants to heal us of everything, every bad thought, every bad intention, every hurt, and every tear. He is the true healer and wants to heal us of all the world’s lies. The lies that say we are the unlovable, the miserable, the angry, the forgotten, the abandoned. There is one true God and He will never abandon us. He will never forget us. He will never leave us. To be healed, we must open up all the rusted doors to our hearts and soul, and let the light of Christ shine in and heal and make the darkness, the lies, and the hurt flee. God’s light is the only light in the darkness. When we speak HIS name, HIS words, HIS promises into our life and take action, the darkness has to flee, mountains have to move, and the our hurts are healed. Praise the Everlasting Lord for His TRUTH!
This song definitely goes with this post: Who Will Love Me For ME?

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