God is our Fuel! We need to make sure we fill up on Him!

I have one of those personalities that I have to be very careful with my focus. I can get so focused on one project, get into all those pesky details that everything else in my life will fall apart, even my relationship with God.

Learning to balance all the many priorities in my life is a major obstacle that I am trying to overcome. In anyone’s life, we have so many things that have to get done. I used to think that I had to do everything and do it well. Now as I grow older and mature in my relationship with Christ, I am realizing that my priorities have to have an order to them. So what’s that order?

#1 GOD. My relationship with God has to be right, otherwise the rest of my life will fall to pieces. God is our fuel. It’s our relationship with Him, that keeps us going throughout the day. We need to be vigilant in taking the time to spend time in the Word, and in prayer and worship. God will lead us and guide us, and give us the ability to control our emotions, and be that “Jiminy Cricket” on our shoulder. We have to be able to hear His voice over the din of everyday life. By spending our time with Him, everything else seems to fall into place. I’m not saying that you won’t have trials, far from that, we will have trials constantly, but with God, He is the answer to every trial that we go through, and if you are not “fueling up” then you are going to miss out, and be constantly stressed by the trials of life.

#2 Family! Sometimes, you have to make decisions based on what is best for ALL your family and not just you. As a parent, there are many times that I have to say no, even when it’s something I want to do, like go evangelising, or jamming, or anything else. We have to put our families, especially our children first, because it is our most important responsibility to teach our children the way of Christ. If your stressed and you are a single mom, have one of your girlfriends make the decisions. 🙂 I have a friend that when I can’t make one more decision, I can send my boys to her and she knows my heart and will make a simple decision for me! But God does truly expect us as parents, to be vigilant not only in our words, but in our actions. So by making the right choices and choosing our family when appropriate, that’s what we are called to do as mothers.

#3 Awesome God Given Friends. I am blessed that I live in very close proximity to other missionaries. The women in my life encourage my walk with the Lord always. They help to remind me of those things that I may have forgotten and make me laugh. They are the ones that take your craziness and point you back into the direction of God. It is through our relationship with other christians that we our encouraged to take the right step. I cannot tell you how many phone calls, crying sessions and all that that my girls have heard me go through, and me them. God gives us each other for a reason!

#4 Staying Healthy. I’m not healthy yet by any means, but the Lord calls us to maintain our temple, and that is what we should strive to do. For me I’m trying to exercise (the Girls come in again here!) and eat a balanced diet. It’s a lifestyle that needs to be maintained. It’s one I’m working on!

#5 Sometimes you’ve got to let the laundry sit and the house be dirty. I’m not saying always but you have to know yourself. We need to rest. God purposely made cities of refuge in the Bible. They were for people in trouble, to find rest from the outside world. We need to also know our limits and rest sometimes. 🙂

All in all, it comes back to the relationship you have with Christ. If you are constantly fueling up and then you will be full of the Word of God and thus be able to give out to the world and your family. God will be behind all of your decisions and then all of a sudden..Voila!! You’ll have balance!

May God Bless You and Keep You!

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