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      I want, no, I NEED to share what I’m going through with you. I hope and pray that it will be of help to you. I am many things in this life. I wear many hats, from mom to worshipper, to missionary to janitor. That is what I do. Recently though, I felt like WHO am I in Christ? Who is Katie? Who has she become when she is no longer a woman of the world? This is gonna hurt. Because this blog is not about sugar coating and holding back. No, it’s about letting go and being open. Something that is truly hard for me. I like to be closed off from everyone, not letting a soul in. But that is not what God wants. So here it goes. All of me and this journey.

So in that it started. A journey. Of struggles, pain, and overcoming. Of Failing. Of Success. Sometimes I let myself down and sometimes I let others down. This is not just a journey to lose weight and get in shape. It’s my DESIRE to become better, to love Jesus and others more, to let God have His way in me. And to share Jesus, ALWAYS, through my words, actions, and love. Because all I truly want in this world, is to be the woman that God created me to be.

I invite you into my world, come and see what God is telling me!

Hi, my name is Katie and I am a child of God, wonderfully and fearfully made!

❤ Katie

Want to Chat? Have a prayer requests? Need a Friend? Wanna pen pal?

Have questions about the mission field? Want to support my family as missionaries?

Contact me at

 Katie Paden


Mail to: Katie Paden

C/O Way of the Cross Ministries

224 N F Street

Harlingen, Texas 78550

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