You might wonder what I do as a missionary. My home base is in Harlingen, Texas. I work fulltime as a volunteer missionary for Way of the Cross Ministries. Our main focus is here on the border in the Rio Grande Valley, Mexico, and Nicaragua. When I am in Harlingen, I work in the office in the accounting and administrative, as a worship leader, and as a fulltime prayer warrior in the WOTC House of Prayer.

During the year, we have many events, short term missionaries are welcome to come too! We start our year off in January in Nicaragua at Medfest, an event where doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacy techs and more come and give their time to treat the poor. There is always lots of games and candy to play with the kids and outreaches into the surrounding areas.  Next, we have many smaller events, spring break groups here on the border that go into the colonias and work and share the gospel, a pastor’s conference in Mexico, outreaches and trainings in Nicaragua.

Then it’s Celebrate Jesus Festival Matamoros, Mexico! Where we go across the border not only to share the Gospel but to give out clothing and food to starving people! We partner with Mexican churches (about 250) and they have games and give out candy and toys, we have praise and worship bands on 4 different stages, playing all day long! Prayer warriors keep the people attending lifted up in prayer! We have pastors who disciple the saved and get them into local churches!

Our summers are full of crusades in Nicaragua, where we even get to preach the Gospel in the schools!

Come fall, it’s our annual Celebrate Jesus Festival in Mercedes Texas, where we partner with approximately 200 local churches give out 30,000 lbs of groceries and get to share the Gospel with around 30,000 people! (This is the same as the Celebrate Jesus Festival in Matamoros, Mexico.)

Then we end our year with the Big Feed! We go into a squatter’s camp in Matamoros, Mexico, where we set up huge grills and huge pots of beans, that we cook all day long, while local churches provide games to play, music is playing on a big stage and we share the Gospel. At the end of the day, we give out grilled chicken and beans to the hungry masses!!

No matter who you are or what you do, there is always something for you to do, even if you don’t know the language! We need all skill levels or no skill level!!

If you are interested in coming along on any of our events, or just would like to know more about Way of the Cross Ministries, please see our website at www.wotc.org. It has all the latest events, dates, and prices for our mission trips.

I encourage you to come and share the Gospel, it will change your life!!

❤ Katie

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