Everyday we have the chance to either walk by ourselves or to walk with the Spirit. Most of the time, every single thing we do is a choice. It’s a choice to be angry, it’s a choice to stay frustrated, and I’m learning it’s a choice to obey. Obedience to the Father is not an easy thing. We may think we are doing the right thing, we are following the Word of the Lord. But as I look around, I see so many people that think they are in God’s will, doing things that go against what His Word says. We have to learn to think for ourselves,  and not let this world corrupt us. Because changing is something that will be required of us, something that the Potter begins in us and we have to be as clay and accept it.

Why is it that change is so important to me right now?

Probably because I am in a season of change. I am changing how I eat. How I live. And how I obey. When I first started this blog, it was as a means to give my heart out, to encourage the people that would read it. I found myself too busy, too this, too that to even update it. But now I want to share what it is I’m going through, mainly because, I’m pretty sure, that out there in this big internet world, there are people just like me, people who are in a season of change, trying desperately to hang on and push through what seems impossible.

Impossible. That’s the word that seems to go through my head most lately. IMPOSSIBLE. How can I, this 35 year old single mom, ever conquer all these things that plague me? Losing the weight and getting into shape seems a daunting task and yet so close to reach out and touch it, yet still so far away. It seems that finding someone that could possibly not reject me, is the same daunting impossibility that it has always been.

Then I remember: It’s impossible only to me. But NOTHING is impossible with God. He is the ALMIGHTY, ALL POWERFUL, and HE HAS NEVER REJECTED ME.

Let that sit in your brain for awhile. The thought overwhelms me, and makes me want to cry. HE never rejected me. HE has ALWAYS loved me. And through HIM, is how I will change my life. THROUGH Him is how I will lose this weight. Through Him, is where I find the acceptance and love that I am so desperate for.

Praise the Lord, for HIS mercy and love endures forever.

Be Blessed,

For with God, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.