The Prayer Room Project

We currently have a plan for our House of Prayer and we need your help! We have a huge space but need help with construction to make a House of Prayer for the Valley!

Here are a few of our needs for people, finances and things!

House of Prayer People Needs/Leadership


Prayer Leadership:

Theresa Spartz – Prayer Leader

Katie Paden – Worship Leader

Promoter – Someone to go around and reach out to the colleges, associations, churches, youth groups, courthouse, police station, and secular businesses to promote the WOTC prayer room so that we may change this city and valley.

Prayer Interns – People who will help lead prayer times, will be taught how to pray and worship and lead the prayer times. We have dorms available for them to stay in, but they will be responsible for food and personal items and getting to and from the training center to the prayer room. There will be a requirement of 20 hours a week in prayer and to attend Way of the Cross church on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

Singers and Musicians – People to help lead worship throughout the entire time of prayer.

Prayer and Worship Leaders – the people responsible for a certain amount of time, to lead others into prayer and worship.  They will be responsible for showing others how it works, lead worship/prayer and be responsible for the prayer and all equipment for the time they are in the prayer room. They are also responsible for the other prayer interns and singers/musicians in the session that they are assigned.

Prayer Interns for Children: We need interns to specifically work with the children in the children’s prayer room and the nursery. We need both Prayer and Worship leaders.

Youth Prayer/Worship Leaders: We need leaders for the youth for worship and prayer.

We need prayer leaders, worship leaders, singers, musicians to commit to a schedule and be there. We are looking for God’s people who are called to lead worship and prayer and are faithful to the times that they are scheduled.

House of Prayer Equipment Needs


Marketing Materials – Flyers, Business Cards, Website

Projector and Projector Screen


Laptop/Desktop for sound system and projector

4 Bongos

Music Sound System for surround sound, and amplification of music, singers, and prayer leaders.  This includes all plug ins and wires.

Sound Recording Equipment to record our sessions.

Maps, wall art, draperies, etc

Stools for musicians/singers

Lighting and fans for entire prayer room

Permanent Keyboard, Drum set to stay on stage

Furniture: Couches, Chairs, Tables, Prayer Rails

House of Prayer Building Needs

We currently have a space, a huge space that we feel (and are praying about) that God has provided for us to hold a 24 hour, 7 day a week prayer room out of. It has many needs, in fact a lot of construction, financial, and people needs. (See photos)

This is an open top floor of our warehouse located at 224 North F Street in Harlingen, Texas. It is a wide open space and we feel it would be perfect for a House of Prayer. We have included the needs that we have to make this space the space for the prayer room.

Construction Needs:

                We have divided the area into several sections.

Main Entrance:

We need a new entrance with stairs and an elevator as it is the third floor of the WOTC Warehouse. Currently there is not a separate entrance into the building, but there is a large 20 foot wide open area at the back of the warehouse that we would like to put a new entrance and lobby area. We would like to tear down the buildings at the back of the warehouse and put in the new lobby and parking area. This would be a separate entrance into the prayer room. We currently have stairs and a non-working elevator in the building but to be up to code we would need to modify our current stairs and entrance – (it is not in a very accessible place) and either get the elevator working or build a new one at a separate entrance.

Lounge/Coffee Area

Upon entrance into the Prayer room from the new entrance, we would have a lobby area. The things that need to be taken care of are the floor and walls, to patch any holes and make the floor level. We will need furniture (couches, tables, chairs, etc.) For the electricians we would want to have the prayer room playing in the lounge area. We would like part of this area to have bulletin boards for local events and to have a coffee/water area. There will also be a registration area to collect emails and other information.

Healing Room

Straight ahead from the Lounge Area will be the new healing room. This room will need walls built all around and two new doors put in. We will need a smaller cordoned off section for a private healing room for those that need it. Again, the floor needs to be patched and leveled and the walls need to be patched. There also needs to be new lighting.

Old Elevator

On the side of the Healing Room is the Old freight elevator. We need to decide whether to create a new staircase here or fix up the elevator as a separate entrance.


On the other side of the old elevator are the old bathrooms. They are in bad shape and are in need of all new fixtures and plumbing. We will need new lighting and electricity run into the bathrooms. We would like to expand these bathrooms to have at least two stalls and two sinks in each bathroom.

Existing Stairs

In front of the bathrooms are the existing stairs. They are in an odd place and are steep. We need to decide whether to keep and make safer or to fill in and get rid of. This is also the place where we have thought to put the water fountain.

 Main Prayer Room

The main prayer room will be located to the right of the bathrooms. There will be a 10 foot hallway before you get the main doors. There will be two entrances. This wall will need to be built. After that the floor will need to be leveled out and a shallow pool knocked down. There is a door in the existing walls that we would like to fill in unless it is necessary to have another exit. If that is the case we will need to examine the fire department issues. We will need to put in red carpet in the main area with tile walkways. We will need to build a 60 foot by 20 foot stage covered with red carpet. We will need to have updated lighting and there will need to be 2 10*20 foot rooms on each side of the stage for musicians to tune and prepare for their time of worship. We will need to have a complete sound system and plug ins put in for the stage. We will also need updated electricity and fire codes. This is a very large room 210 ft by 80 ft. We will need chairs, prayer rails, tables, communion tables and other things for this room. We will need a sound engineer set up for the person who will be adjusting the sound for the stage and putting on the projector and any music or video clips needed. This area will be towards the middle of the room.

 Library/Bible Study Area

When you exit through the right side of the prayer room you enter an open lounge area that also has a door to the outside. This area will be a library/ study area. While no walls are needed to be built, the floor needs to be leveled and filled in and a new door put in to the outside. This leads to the roof which we are hoping will be strong enough to become an outdoor prayer area. This area will be filled with tables and chairs and bookcases.  This area will need lighting and electricity for laptops and other things.

Straight ahead you will find the childrens nursery. This area will need walls, floor filled in and leveled and also there is another existing staircase here. This staircase needs to be filled in and a level floor put in. This area will be carpeted and will need childrens tables and chairs, toys, and possibly a crib or playpen. This will be the area for the younger children and infants.

Childrens Prayer Room

Once you leave the childrens nursery you will go straight into the Childrens Prayer room. This area is for children and teens so that they will have their own experience with God. This area will need a main wall and holes in the walls filled in. Floor needs to have some holes filled in and be leveled. This are will be carpeted as well. There needs to be a small stage built and the same sound system (much smaller) for this area. There will be worship and prayer here too.

Other Needs

We will need to update the electricity and fix any leaks in the roof. We will also need to have central air and heat installed in the entire prayer room.


Pray for the following for our prayer room building needs:


v  All Construction Materials for all rooms and bathrooms for the Prayer Room

v  Carpeting, Paint, furniture for all rooms of the prayer room

v  Construction workers, electricians, plumbers, engineers, roofing contractors, and air conditioning installers to come work

v  Prayer Interns, Worship Interns, Childrens Prayer Interns

v  Laborers to clean and keep the prayer room clean

v  Laborers to help paint and get the prayer room ready

v  Singers and musicians to keep live music flowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

v  Finances for the building of the prayer room

v  Finances for the upkeep of the prayer room – Electricity, water, incidentals, interns and leadership, cleaning supplies, trash/sewer


We need money for the building and construction materials and workers to make the House of Prayer a reality. We need people to volunteer their time to help with all the construction. Even after the construction is complete we will need monthly donations to keep our prayer room running, from electricity and water costs, to helping out our full time prayer and worship leaders.

Want to make a donation? Send to Way of the Cross Minstries 224 North F Street, Harlingen, Texas 78550. Make a note that it is for WOTC HOP Building Needs.

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